Friday, 6 April 2012

Boating Secrets Uncovered

Some people like to enjoy the calmness of life by sailing their boat on the water. It is prudent to take safety measures, even when enjoying boating. Boating involves deep water, so ensuring your safety and those of your passengers needs careful planning. Rules are made for your safety.

Boating is a very enjoyable activity. It has many advantages. It is fun and it provides an opportunity to get together with friends and family. It introduces us to the beauty of water. Moreover, boating is a rigorous physical exercise helping to reduce stress levels.

Boating adds to the quality of your life by providing a constructive outlet for entertainment and enjoyment that takes you away from daily stresses. It does not matter if you are learning boating, water skiing, or just relaxing on deck enjoying a sunset.

The book, Boating Secrets Uncovered helps you to get started and covers: -

  •         Buying a new or used boat
  •         Best Places to buy a boat
  •         Kinds of boats
  •         Engine check list
  •         Boat check list
  •         Boat financing
  •         Insurance and registration
  •         Boat maintenance
  •         Emergency boat repair
  •         Boat equipment
  •         Getting on the water
  •         Rules of the “road”
  •         Boat safety
  •         Boating etiquette for guests
  •         Boating with children
  •         In case of emergency

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